Studier og Referencer


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Mere viden

En samling af let opridsede Homeoprofylakse studier af Cilla Whatcott

Free and Healthy Children: Viden om Homeoprofylakse, med dertilhørende kildehenvisninger

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Bøger om Homeoprofylakse

“The Complete Practitioners Manual of Homæoprophylaxis” by Dr. Isaac Golden

“Vaccination & Homæoprophylaxis, A Review og Risks and Alternatives” by Dr. Isaac Golden

“Homoeopathy in Epidemic Diseases” by Dr. Dorethy Shepard

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“The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis the vaccine alternative” by Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott

“Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja, with remarks on Homeoprophylaxis” by James Burnett

“Lesser writings” by Samuel Hahnemann 

“Faces of homeopathy” by Julian Winston

Streaming og Youtube 

Real Immunity – en film om HP I 3 dele, produceret af Cilla Whatcott 

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Samtale mellem Isaac Golden og Cathy Lemmon 

Samtale mellem Dr. Isaac Golden og Gustavo Bracho fra the Finlay Institute 

Samtale med Cilla Whatcott om pandemi forebyggelse

Homøopatiske research arkiver 

Homeopathic Research Institute  

Hpathy – Homeopathy for everyone  

Homeopathy International

Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy  

Research lavet af AYUSH, under Indiens Sundhedsministerie  

En samling over artikler Dr. Isaac Golden har skrevet 

Dr. Isaac Goldens hjemmeside

Free and healthy children: en samling af artikler om Homeoprofylakse

Homeoprophylactic Education – by Cathy Lemmon

Homeopathy Plus: artikler om Homeoprofylakse  

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